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Vegetarianism & Culture
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Promotes the benefits of vegetarian diet and principles of a more harmonious way of living.


Harmonised beauty is when every straight line, every curve and shape complements each other rather than contrasts with each other. To foster the group’s IQ, firstly you need to look after the group’s EQ. When all group members are in a state of calmness and serenity, the optimal level of group IQ will be achieved as they work together. In this case, the strength of six people is not six plus six, rather it is six times six (six people brainstorming together, everyone expressing opinions, and communicating in many ways). Hence, it is more than one individual’s excellence that is achieved here; the entire group’s excellence is achieved through everyone mutually complementing each other. Therefore, in a group situation, as you attempt to excel, do not neglect the existence of others; when you wish to withdraw, do not neglect your duties and responsibilities. In individual work, you can display your personal strength, but when you work with others, pay attention to the overall strength of the group, be mindful of the harmonised beauty of the whole. This is nurtured through cooperation and by working together harmoniously.


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Check out more than 50 recipes of homemade vegetarian, vegan dishes.

Arts & Culture

Education hub for various arts and culture learning including oracle bone writing, vegolosophy, floral arrangement and more!

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