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The era of group co-operation

Some say that personal performance is like playing baseball. All you have to do is hit a ball successfully and score a home run; the rest is up to others.  Group work, on the other hand, is like playing basketball, involving complicated manoeuvers, such as passing, receiving and shooting the ball. 

If you only care about receiving the ball, but not passing it; if you only know how to throw the ball, and not keeping it; and if you ignore the team’s understanding, you will inevitably be excluded from the game.

In this era, we cannot be self-centred and neglect the needs of others in order to pursue our own perfection. Furthermore, we must accommodate the shortcomings of others, because this is the era of “group co-operation”. 

 The value of life unfolds by living in a state of symbiotic coexistence; we sustain each other, allow everyone to live together, help each other to elevate, and assist each other to continue our lives together.

If a person separates themselves from others, life cannot be continued. People living in groups live for others. By living meaningful and dignified lives, we become role models for others.

If a person loses themselves, there can be no enlightenment. It is vital to be assertive, have goals and principles, without being affected by the environment, in order to grow and reveal the glory of life.


Past events

“Happiness is the art of never holding in your mind the memory of any unpleasant thing that has passed.”

Wild rose

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