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Habitual accumulation

The biggest habit in life is to accumulate unconsciously. For example: we collect things from everywhere, copying too many notes as if collecting garbage. We store many things up because we believe that “they might be useful one day”, however, they are being left and unused.

The emotional world gathers emotion from all directions, stores it, and then is unwilling to empty the heart. We remember everything from seeing one thing or hearing one noise. This has the impact of affecting emotions and causing rumours. One also tends to be suspicious and have jealousy and hatred towards others. This is the result of being unwilling to let go.

As the saying goes: placing a small pebble in the palm, feels like the weight of a mountain after a while; placing a prejudice and grudge in our heart causes unbearable burden after a long time. Isn’t our unhappiness, complaints, arrogance, jealousy, etc., accumulate in this fashion? This is the reason why one needs to be cautious with a thought at the very “beginning” and avoid letting a particular bad thought “sprout”.

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